You Really Do Create Your Reality

You are manifesting your reality in EVERY moment of every day.

What you focus on becomes, always, and in ways you might not see in that exact moment.

For example...

  • Bob is a name I love (I have no idea why but it warms my heart when my daughter and I are talking and this name pops up, 'helloooo Bob', just puts a smile on my face (and no, I don't personally know any Bobs)...
  • Over the past week, I've been reading about Sophia Loren. Again, no particular reason other than seeing her new movie out on Netflix (more on this one later)...
  • HENRY is by far my favorite name for a cat, a dog, a child, a character in a movie (more also on this later)...
  • Also over the past couple of days, I've been thinking about a friend Dominic and suggested that my honey and I take him and his lovely wife out for lunch just to catch up...
  • Since our gyms are now closed once again I've been researching outside spin classes to balance out my yoga practice... (hang in there this all really does connect!)...

SO... today I woke up and went for a long walk. An older gentleman passed me and stopped, he was walking with his son and their two dogs...

He looked at me and asked me to introduce myself which I did.

He said, 'Hello Tamaey, my name is BOB, this is my son DOMINIC, his dog HENRY and my dog SOPHIA LOREN', then he moved on.


I'm just getting back home and went into my storage area and a BRAND NEW SPIN BIKE WITH TV all set up, ready to go, greets me.

All of this happened within the past few hours.

I laughed out loud knowing that the Universe was playing with me and reminding me that WHAT WE THINK, WHAT WE FOCUS ON, and WHAT WE DESIRE manifests so fast now and in ways, we are not expecting.

What you experience out there is the evidence of what YOU are putting out there in every given moment.

I love this day, this experience, this REFLECTION so much. It reminds me that I CREATE MY REALITY and whatever I BELIEVE IN in my experience.



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