The Matrix and Its Meaning

I often talk about noticing what you notice and paying attention to what you are guided to watch or what clues are presenting themselves to you all day long via internet searches, animals showing up or clarity around what you are asking in any given moment. Remember, when you ask, you receive. It is simply our job to be on the lookout so to speak for the answers and often it shows up in the most unexpected way.

So with that understanding, last night I was guided to watch The Matrix movie again, a movie I hadn't seen since 1999 when it first came out.

So if you've not seen the movie it's about a computer programmer, Keanu Reeves who was on an ever ending search for truth, like so many of us on this awakening journey.

Keanu (Neo) felt there was something wrong with the world, he didn't quite fit in, he knew he knew something his whole life but just couldn't put his finger on it hence his search for the truth, the truth of The Matrix.

What is The Matrix?

The Matrix is an illusion we were all born into. A fake reality that we were each born into, just like a fish who was born in the water and doesn't understand what water is. This is what we all as humans are experiencing. We were born into a prison, a controlled environment, a prison of the mind until one day, we begin the search for truth. This is what Neo and The Matrix is all about, a search for truth, an escape from The Matrix.

The Matrix is the system in the movie but so very relevant and accurate of what we are experiencing today.

Most humans are not ready to be unplugged from The Matrix and as we are witnessing now so many are hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it. Don't really believe this? Just look at our world governments, world wars, dictatorships, cult leaders, controlled media and it's propaganda and chat rooms who gather like-minds to deepen their beliefs and dig themselves deeper into the illusion or better yet, The Matrix.

Neo meets Morpheus for the first time, the father figure so to speak of the awakened warriors and knows Neo to be a warrior as well but Neo doesn't consciously believe he is special, however, that deep all-wise, all-knowing part of him remembers. He's invited to take the blue pill which allows him to wake up tomorrow believing whatever he wants to believe or to take the red pill where he will be taken down the rabbit hole, never to return to the illusion again. Of course, he takes the red pill and from that moment on his awakening journey begins and it is anything but Light and Love, rainbows, and butterflies.

How many of us can relate to this story?

Can you remember in your life when you began your Hero's Journey?

We were all born into The Matrix, a programmed illusion, and agreeing to be born into this illusion to remember at some point along the way of who we really are. This is where our journey begins. Our journey back to ourselves, back to Oneness with all that IS and again, as we can all attest, it is anything but easy.

Once we say YES our Higher Self leads the way bringing to light all that has been hidden. It is then our job to de-program all that we are not.

Humans who are not awakened yet are fighting to stay in. Why? Because it's comfortable, it's safe and provides a false sense of security.

In the movie, Neo was led to an Oracle to help guide his path. Again, how many of us are led to certain teachers and mentor along the way? These great teachers are here to help us remember, to help guide us out of The Matrix so that we too, at some point can help others out as well.

The Oracle can show us the door we alone must walk through it.

Perhaps you know you have a gift, many gifts but are waiting for something? The question is, what are you waiting for?

Morpheus tells Neo, 'Now that you have taken the red pill there is no turning back. You have to let it all go, the fear, the doubt, and the disbelief. You must free your mind.'

That's what this awakening journey is all about. Unplugging from The Matrix and the illusions we were born into, of not being Sovereign Beings, powerful gods in human form.

Neo begins to remember who he is and becomes unstoppable.

We are all Neos and step by step, day by day we are remembering who we are.

You are beginning to remember, beginning to believe that a world where anything is possible, IS possible.

The movie ends with Neo living within The Matrix as an awakened BEing. Can you relate?


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