I just wanted to wish YOU and yours a very special day and hope that you will take a moment to reflect on this great quote by Joseph Campbell.

I believe we are all heroes and that we each have an obligation to give our lives to something bigger than ourselves, would you agree?

What is it in your life that inspires you to serve and give back to those who need you and your message most?

Do you know that your story and sharing that story with all of us just might be the way in which you were meant to serve the whole?

We often hide our stories because we subconsciously think that what we’ve been through is meant to stay hidden, many times out of shame. I know I kept mine to myself and have just recently had the courage to open up.

Not gonna’ lie, it’s still hard to express and expose my history with the world but my commitment to serving in a BIG way means that I have to open the closets and let the skeletons out.

Are you willing to share YOU with us?

The world needs leadership and the world needs YOU! We really do and if you’d be brave enough to share what you’ve been through I promise you’re sharing will lead so many others to do the same.​​​​​​​

So THANK YOU for considering opening up your heart to the world just a little bit more, we really do need people just like YOU to be authentic and real so collectively we can heal the whole.

My promise is to do the same and if you’ll commit as well, together we can change the world one soul at a time.

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