September Invitation

As we move into September, we are entering a new cycle and one of introspection, reflection, and contemplation. The invitation to pause and perhaps even revisit what we've experienced over the past few months (and how these life experiences have molded and shaped us) is what's being asked of us right now.

I love the idea of fall and how nature has this magical way of ebbing and flowing with life, no pushing or efforting, striving or reaching. It just knows what to do. In the spring we plant seeds (southern hemisphere) and in the fall, we harvest (northern hemisphere) which means, if you're on an awakening path this season can be deeply supportive no matter where you call home.

We continue, layer by layer, unraveling everything that we are not so that who we already are, can anchor in (becoming an ascended master in human form!) That's what this life experience is ultimately all about, becoming fully realized human BEings.

This is a transitional time on our planet and one in which we are ALL going through profound change (step by step, one day at a time) at warp speed. Remember, there is NO DESTINATION so do your best to slow down and enjoy your human experience.

As we move forward and into this next season of expansion, focused on our personal evolution (ascension/awakening journey) both physically and at a soul level, the remaining months of this year promise to be deeply supportive.

The invitation is to go deeper within. What shadow parts of self are being activated and needing your attention? WHAT IS TRIGGERING YOU IN THE WORLD? That is the work, my friend. What triggers you IS THE GOLD, the gift. Anything that activates a negative response within you has an energetic umbilical cord attached to your past. There is no bypassing this piece and, that is what's required to enter the new earth, your 5D world.

Your intention to consciously heal, to see what you cannot see, will find its way to you and oftentimes through those closest to you. It's time to heal it ALL and everything that you need to heal will show itself NOW in expected and unexpected ways.

When is the shadow work done?

When you can walk about this world without being triggered and can see ONLY love, light, joy, abundance, harmony, and most importantly, honor every person's path that does not align with yours.

September is an opportunity to rescript and rebuild the foundational pieces of your life. Yes, you've been through a lot, and YES, you've grown and expanded, and NOW it's time to refresh and reboot the dreams and desires of your heart.

If you choose to walk your path as an ascended master, an awakened soul living and experiencing a human experience, your dreams and desires will come from THAT place, not the wounded ego (meaning, 'I want stuff to fill my void, to project a false image, etc.'

Your soul longs to fulfill its purpose for being here NOW. If you take this opportunity to pause and reflect (especially at this seasonal time of releasing and/or planting), you will connect with that part of YOU that does know the way and what you truly desire and will guide you every step of the way.

Our life experience NOW and in the years to come is 100% our responsibility, self-empowerment and sovereignty trump ALL.

If you're struggling to know what your soul's path is or what shadow parts of self are still needing attention please reach out for a session, I'd love to support you on your ascension journey. Simply contact me.


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