“Tamaey is an excellent listener who truly cares about you. She helped me to decipher what I was feeling and verbally express it. She was like a detective—unlocking my inner most thoughts and bringing them to the surface/light. I could deeply relate to her and felt comfortable telling her my story. She gave me HOPE that my life/future could and would be better. I highly recommend her to others. She is truly a healer!”


“You gave to me freely and that means the world to me! I do know this, I am not to be so small with my love and light and NOW is the time to put the chains on the door of the past that will keep it shut. I can’t thank you enough for your ability to really dig deep and help me get to the core of what’s blocking me from living the live of my dreams! Your mentoring program helped me SO much, thank you Tamaey!”

DebBaltimore, MD

“Thank you so much for validating what I have been hearing, All I can say is Wow, Wow, Wow. I am so grateful to you for giving your time to me/us! Thank you for that wonderful teaching on the Law of Attraction! I love our sessions and implement all of your suggestions with amazing success! You ARE a great teacher and mentor! My life is finally making sense to me. I’ve discovered my purpose and now living my passion and couldn’t have done it without your help!”


“Thank you for the story of your Iife which in a way opened my eyes and confirmed the statement that “never think that you are alone in this world to experience i have experienced setbacks in your life, until you listen to other people’s stories of their life. Your teachings have opened my eyes to see what’s possible for me! Great mentor!”


“Tamaey can intuitively help you identify your goals and motivate you to make those goals a reality for your future. Her dedication to ensuring her clients achieve their desires is fuelled by a KNOWING that it’s possible for everyone. She exudes love for all of humanity. One just has to talk with Tamaey and know that she is an authentic being whose desire is to skillfully and lovingly coach others into their greatness and live their abundant, love filled life.”

JuanitaNova Scotia

“I feel so so so much better now-after just our first real talk. I feel very at ease with you. I know that I am doing the right thing. It’s no coincidence that I chose you to help me overcome my hurdles and undo my bad habits, guiding me towards fulfillment and abundance. I am looking forward to achieving my potential both personally and financially with your help.”


“Thank you for dedicating time to assist me!! You are a phenomenal gift that I receive and appreciate.”

CelinaEl Salvador

“You have really contributed so much to my life. I reached a point of contemplating suicide last year because of financial challenges after losing my highest paying job ever. Your inspiration and ideas have made my life what it is today. I just signed a new contract with another company and my hope is back again. I can’t wait to see my best life.”


“Incredible… absolutely incredible. I’m extremely grateful that you took the time to speak with me. It’s very evident that you are a wondrous soul on a magnificent path. My faith in the powers of the universe strengthened a hundred fold yesterday!”


“You are nothing short of awesome. I’m very very grateful and fortunate to have someone of your abilities come into my life. And hello!!…at just the right time!! Another wondrous sign to strengthen my faith in the universe.”


“Thank you SO very much and I know you will be your best on your call with many having great thoughts from all your wisdom and sharing!”


“You are the only person that I have shared this info with because I am wanting support rather than sympathy or a shoulder to cry on. Allowing the flow of abundance is so very new to me.. I have always thought that it has to be hard work with long hours but your assuring words and thoughts of inspiration is helping me to change my focus.”


“Thank you Tamaey, thank you for changing my world, I love you for everything you are and you do. There are no words in the world to describe my gratitude to you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my whole human being. Working with you has changed my life!”


“Once I began working with Tamaey I discovered that she had knowledge and wisdom to offer to me in my own quest for my best life. Unlike a lot of coaches, she was leading and coaching by example and her wisdom emanated from her own very successful experience. Through conversations and emails, she guided me to examine aspects of my life and influences that provided a new and far greater perspective and understanding of myself. While ultimately rooted in metaphysics and spirituality, her guidance always has immediate practical application that addresses short-term specifics while retaining focus on the ultimate objective. More importantly, it is coaching delivered with great care and compassion that inspires you to want to dream big and make your best life a joyful reality. My journey is on-going and expanding. In my daily expressions of gratitude, knowing Tamaey and having her as an integral part of my journey is at the top of my ever-growing list.”


“Thank you for being in my life and making a difference that I’ve never imagined possible.”


“Tamaey, working with you has been one of the MOST surreal and enlightening experiences I have ever gone through. You’ve given me clarity around my purpose and offered insights that I had never thought of!!! You truly are a messenger of God and I’m deeply honored to have crossed paths with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the flashlight until I could hold my own.”


“I just want to say I loved talking to you on our intro call and much better and more invested than most coaches; which is really rare to find in an industry that seems to becoming too concentrated to be frank. You are definitely special and passionate and committed. So I hope you keep at it and continue to inspire more people; even if its only by a 30 minute consultation or whether its through a one year commitment. You touched my heart in a 30 minute call more than other coaches have in 3 month commitments that I have had with them.”

AlishaLos Angeles

“You have done an incredible job. I will certainly dig in and personally recommend you and your teachings to my friends. I’m confident they’ll be benefited from this website and your insights!”

SimiMiddle East

“My brother recommended I might like this website and he was totally right! Especially the post titled ‘Unhappy? Congratulations!’ You can not imagine simply how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!”


“I now have that faith in me that you have in me! Thank YOU Tamaey for being the light in my darkest hours, my life is forever changed because of YOU!”


“I can’t put into words how excited I am to continue on my journey and have the help, guidance, love, motivation and support from you and the Dreamz Global Community! This is only the beginning, and I couldn’t be happier!”

KatieSt. Louis

“It was amazing, Tamaey Gottuso! Thank you for your generosity and commitment to getting to the source! I feel the excitement and lightness of the energy and will allow myself time for more answers to reveal themselves as I explore and play with things I’m truly passionate about and the life I desire. Bless you for your insights and ability to tap in to the Divine.”