Post Lion’s Gate Portal Message

The Lion's Gate is when the Galactic Core aligns directly with the star Sirius (the Dog Star and also known for being the brightest star in the sky) and Gaia creating a portal, an incredible tube of light (high vibrational light) that floods our planet activating dormant parts of our DNA to help awaken us at a deeper level.

What does that look like when our DNA is activated? Chaos, upset, triggers, etc. When hidden parts of us are ready to be seen and healed something out there activates us in a big way (and it doesn't always feel good!) This is why the new moons, full moons, solar cycles, and solstices are talked about so much because they are activators of light helping us to purify that which lies secretly within.

WHY is it so important to purify ourselves? You cannot take with you into this next part of your life anything that does not vibrate in the space that you are desiring to go (dreams and desires, goals and wishes.) You must do the work, we ALL must do the work IF we desire to live in a world filled with joy, love, laughter, abundance, and sovereignty, a 5D world (that place where everything you have ever wanted resides.)

If you look back over your life for the past 10yrs can you see just how far you've come since December 21, 2012?

Remember, this year is very significant as it's exactly halfway through the transitional period (that started on December 21, 2012) from 3D earth to 5D earth (third dimension representing fear, lack, limitation, and victimhood to fifth-dimensional living transcending all lower vibrational states of being into powerful ascended masters living sovereign, abundant, heart-centered lives.)

Back to the Lion's Gate energies...

If you've been on an awakening path for a while you may have noticed just how difficult (or perhaps not) how challenging these big energy blasts have been, i.e. extreme fatigue, headaches, body aches, lack of sleep, etc. It has felt like a never ending process over the past 10yrs for so many of us as we continue to clear our fields (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies.)

NOW, however, since the closing of this year's Lion's Gate portal, it seems the energies are calming down and that the most challenging parts of our journey are behind us (not that we won't continue to release and go through our processes as we all have our own personal experiences and soul agreements to fulfill as promised to ourselves.)

The good news is, the more we release the higher we vibrate and in that, the smoother the ride as we continue our transition into a new world (not physical but vibrationally!) High-frequency energies are very subtle and almost imperceptible as we've not yet learned how to process and recognize them on a conscious level. High-frequency energies are subtle, fluid, and beautiful but also unrelatable as we've not experienced such in this lifetime.

This Gateway has opened a flood of the most incredible light onto our planet like never before, it is/was powerful! Yet again, if you're not familiar with the energy signatures that came in over the past few weeks it may have just felt like another day in your life.

Building a relationship with the unseen takes time, dedication, and commitment. It takes time to feel the energies and then recognize them, and once you do, you can then begin to work with them, co-create with them, and harness them to your benefit.

If you began your awakening journey prior to December 21, 2012, you are a wayshower and have had the opportunity to slowly do your shadow work unlike those who are awakening now, it's not an easy ride, to say the least. As more light floods our planet the more intense the purification process is (think of a microwave heating a cup of water and what the water has to go through in a short amount of time.) So living in a lower state of consciousness is becoming extremely difficult for those who are not willing to do the work, there is NO BYPASSING the shadow parts of ourselves.

What's next you might be asking?

Keep doing what you are doing. Dig a little deeper, open your heart a little wider and remember, nothing is more important than keeping yourself in a high vibrational state as much as possible and avoiding those who attempt to pull you down. Where thoughts go, energy flows.

In LOVE & Service, Tamaey


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