A Personal Share

Yesterday on Facebook I shared a post about losing my college boyfriend (a drunk driver), and him being 60yrs old yesterday. WOW, how fast time has gone and how my memories of him and our time together have never lessened and who I AM in part now because of that experience.

What I reflect upon today is that I FELL IN LOVE WITH MYSELF somewhere along the way and in that, I AM FULL and FREE and HAPPY and although at the time in my young mind and heart I looked to HIM to fill me, I had to find THAT LOVE WITHIN ME to truly be complete.

I understand now that EVERY SINGLE EXPERIENCE is of my own choosing, ALL OF IT, and with each experience, I grow, learn, and expand.

Our experiences do not define us but help mold and shape us into the BEings that we truly are at our core.

At the time, as a young woman, I couldn't process such deep loss therefore I stuffed it, dove deep into my career, traveled the world, and did my best NOT TO FEEL... ahhh, it worked for a while.

There comes a point in one's life (or many) that we must face the music (or not and continue to suffer) and process our pain, ALL OF IT.

I often remember that there is NO GETTING THERE. There is only this NOW, this eternal NOW and what we choose to do with it again, is of our own choosing. The JOURNEY, the expansion, and growth that comes from this experience is truly all that matters.

We're on this planet for just a blink of an eye reconnecting with parts of ourselves that have long been forgotten. It's time NOW to reconnect with ALL parts of you, your eternal YOU, and in THAT comes true fulfillment, joy, peace, and happiness. What you and I have gone through, our challenges and our struggles ARE THE GIFT. Without the losses, without the pains, without the sufferings, the contrast, the shadows, we could not know its opposite.

ALL you have been through serves you. ALL OF IT even when you don't understand it.

Whatever you are going through in this NOW moment matters. It's an opportunity to learn, grow, and expand.

The invitation is to take a moment (or two, or three) to pause and reflect on what you have gone through and how perhaps, you've grown through it ALL.

I AM eternally grateful for EVERY MINUTE OF SUFFERING and stand proud that I was courageous enough to FACE IT ALL and honor its lesson in this earthly experience.

It's then time to LET IT ALL GO to create anew taking ALL PARTS OF SELF with us, no man left behind as the saying goes.

BE COURAGEOUS ENOUGH TO LOOK AT ALL OF IT and I promise, when you do, you'll then realize that you didn't and don't NEED another human being to fill your cup after all. You've had it within you all along.



If you're struggling to know what your soul's path is or what shadow parts of self are still needing attention please reach out for a session, I'd love to support you on your ascension journey. Simply contact me.


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