If you’ve been following these posts for awhile you’ll totally appreciate this message today, it’s all about living a passion filled life!

Are you?

Most people on this planet are not filled with passion and purpose, why???

I absolutely believe that each and every one of us has that thing longing to be seen, heard and expressed.

What’s your thing?

What would it feel like to live a passion filled life? Would you wakeup everyday feeling fueled and filled?

I sure would and I absolutely DO!!!

The biggest obstacle I’ve found in my coaching practice when talking to people all around the world is that they just don’t know what their thing is and when you don’t know THAT, it’s tough to get excited about anything else. Wouldn’t you agree?

Remember, whatever’s going on in one area of your life it’s showing up in all areas of your life!

So if you feel lost, confused and uncertain about what your thing is, then I’d be deeply honored to assist you in finding it.

This is just what I do, I help people just like you get clear on their passions, their dreams and then offer the guidance to get them there with ease and grace.

It doesn’t have to be hard, that’s just a mindset that I can help you to easily overcome!!!

There’s nothing that I love more than doing my Godwork and helping people live their PASSION FUELED, DREAM FILLED, RICH LIVES.

When I see my clients get AHA moments, it literally fills my heart with so much joy that most times (yes, I’m a softy) brings crocodile tears to my eyes.

To be a catalyst to your awakening is what I AM, it’s what I DO.

I’m persistent and passionate and committed to these posts. I’m committed to doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to get you unstuck and passion filled.

It’s there!!! I promise you that thing lies dormant inside you at this very moment awaiting your arrival, LITERALLY!!!

Your dream is begging you to awaken it, to remember it and then to LIVE IT and that’s what I’m going to help you do in my 90 day MANIFESTING YOUR DREAM RICH LIFE program.

I’m committed to YOU and your dream and will do whatever it takes to make sure YOU succeed. I’m committed to your success Tamaey because when YOU succeed, I succeed, we all do, we are all one.

What does the 90 day commitment to YOU and for YOU look like?

  • Three (3) 30min LIVE training calls per month with Q&A
  • One (1) 30min accountability call per month to ensure you’re on track to realizing any dream you can dream for youself
  • Access to a secret Facebook group where you can post your questions, meet other powerful creators and share your dream with all of us!!!
  • Unlimited email support for the entire 90 days
  • 20% discount on all future coaching packages and programs

If you’re ready to get uncomfortable I promise you you’ll come out the other side feeling empowered, jazzed and ALIVE!!!

My endurance training has CHANGED MY LIFE in 10 days and just can’t imagine the person I’ll be 3 months from now or better yet a year from now!!!

There is no reason not to take advantage of this opportunity to invest in YOU, maybe for the very first time.

I’m so deeply committed to YOU and your success that I’m willing to offer you a $97 deposit to hold the space!


YES I just read your mind, so after you pay the $97 deposit by clicking the link above you’ll then schedule your first 30 minute clarity session with me and off we go, I’ll handle the rest!!!

The 90 day commitment to YOU and investment in YOU is only $397/mo OR I’m offering [for the very first time the pay-in-full option] at $997 – A 70% DISCOUNT!!!

Listen, if you want to hang with rockstars you gotta’ do what the rockstars do… we invest in us!!!

It’s just that simple.


I promise this will be an experience that will change your life and I know you get lots of offers but feel into this, why would you not do this?

Why would you not take advantage of this gift I’m offering you today?

As your coach I’m asking you to say YES to you, maybe for the very first time in your life.

This experience WILL change your life, I GUARANTEE IT!!!

After you register simply book your 30 minute session with me and we’ll talk about any fears or concerns that you might have.

I’m willing to do this for YOU, are you???

Are you willing to say YES, right now to achieving that dream, those dreams that are waiting right now for you???


Have a few questions before you jump in? Simply email me here and I’ll respond personally.

REMEMBER THIS – together ALL things are possible.

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