New Beginnings – New Possibilities

I love the month of November and the daily reminder of it being an eleven (11) month which, for me, always represents walking through and into new beginnings and creating anew.

In this month of new possibilities, what is your soul longing to express here in the human experience? What dreams and wishes have you held within you that are desiring to be fully SEEN, embraced, and realized?

Oftentimes, we are afraid to dream our dreams and have neglected them for so long that we no longer remember what they are. Can you relate?

Can you take yourself back through time and space to remember the excitement of the imagination and the ability to create a magical world all in your mind?

What happened to the dreamer within YOU? Who told you that what you desired was just a fairytale and not reality?

I imagine we can all remember, on some level when our worlds became more adult and less childlike hence, the fading of our dreams.

I'm here to remind you that NOW and in every moment of every day YOU DO HAVE THE ABILITY TO CREATE THE REALITY OF YOUR CHOOSING no matter what you've been through or the stories you continue to tell. This eleven (11) month is here to remind you of that as well.

As humans, we've been programmed to believe that January 1st is a time of new beginnings and resolutions however, we are the ones that choose when it's time to shift our reality. Are you ready for this next level of expansion?

2022 has been a year of deep transformation on many levels, would you agree? What have you had to look at, make amends to and then fully alchemize that energy so that it could transform YOU?

Personally, this year has been one of LETTING GO of so many things on so many levels. I thought I had LET GO of so much already! How could I still need to do work around XYZ? Needless to say, it has been challenging to see that there has been so much released yet so much more rising to the surface.

Over the past couple of weeks, I've had to LET GO, on a much deeper level. I've let go of family and personal relationships that no longer support my highest good. I've felt deep sadness and loss and have felt more alone than I can remember however, simultaneously, I KNOW that my path is one of rapid expansion, growth, and freedom. In order for more to come in you must let go of what no longer supports your soul's evolution.

The soul knows what it needs and is constantly trying to get our attention every minute of every day. Our soul KNOWS OUR PATH, the path that you and I have forgotten. Are you listening?

How do we connect to those parts of us that are awaiting our arrival?

MEDITATION and letting go of our resistance.

Meditation doesn't always mean sitting in a lotus position under a Bodhi Tree (the tree of awakening) for hours or days on end. Meditation is anything for YOU that helps you let go of resistance. That may be cleaning the house, exercising, gardening, forest bathing, yoga-ing, walking, playing with children, and your pets, or having a joy-filled conversation with a friend. In short, when you are in JOY the resistance ceases, and your HIGHER SELF CAN GET THROUGH.


In your lack of resistance, you are open to receiving nudges, ideas, thoughts, and information that is there to guide you to your NEXT STEPS. Remember, there IS a sequential unfoldment to your path.

How many times have you had a random thought and didn't take action on it but in the same sentence asking for the next steps and guidance? The answers come in ways we may not expect and often do.

What you desire desires YOU however, in order to allow THAT to flow in you must be in the receiving space to RECOGNIZE IT number one and number two, you MUST LET GO OF ALL THAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK.

I HAD to let go of a relationship that I have known for some time was no longer in alignment with the new me and the new path that is here right now ONLY if, I have the courage to follow it.

I HAD to let go of family, social media friends, and spiritual teachers that no longer resonate with this NEW ME. I've let go of stuff, clothes, old beliefs, and shadow parts of myself that have long been ready to move along. My fear simply kept me from making the final leap.

FEAR IS POWERFUL and can control your reality IF you allow it to (and most people do.)

FEAR of the unknown. Yes, letting go of our CONTROL (which is a total illusion anyways) is scary BUT, you can do it one release at a time.

As we move into the weekend I hope you take a moment to reflect on 2022 and all you've gained from it and just how far you've come. How have you grown, expanded, and evolved? What have you released and how did that releasing serve you? What new dreams and visions do you have for your life and are you following the nudges within?

Remember, it's ALL FOR YOU, and contrast is needed to gain clarity. Clarity creates calm and calm offers alignment and alignment mean that all of your dreams and desires are on their way to YOU.

TRUST the process.
LET IT ALL GO even if it hurts your heart to do it.
FOLLOW those inner nudges.

I hope this message supports you in some small way today.


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