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We are just on the other side of the 5/5 passage (the number 5 is a powerful number in many forms representing freedom, exploration, travel, and change) and another opportunity to collaborate with Source to embrace our heart's desire whilst releasing the old, limiting beliefs that impede us from fully embracing our truest potential.

We in the spiritual circles continue to talk about New Earth, 3D/5D, portals, activations, DNA, uploads, downloads, encodements, etc. and it can all get a bit esoteric and perhaps, far-fetched for those who are just beginning their awakening journeys. Nevertheless, if you're reading this, you'll get exactly what you need.

Last weekend's Solar Eclipse and Black New Moon opened up a two-week portal of light known as the Eclipse Doorway. It's a portal during which you can accelerate your personal growth and move beyond old limitations. HOW? By facing your shadows and those triggers that continue to rise to the surface for immediate review. Remember, if you see it, you got it, a spiritual teacher once told me.

The powerful energies that continue to flood our planet are assisting us in ways we've not experienced before, and because the veils are thinning, it's easier to master and transcend those things that have held us back. We are being ever so supported to realize our highest potentials if only we have the courage to face our shadow selves.

We all have our own time and pace of awakening to our higher truths and move forward from old thought patterns however, our inner work to help the process of conscious releasing is crucial. We cannot bypass the inner work, we must go through it.

There is no one or no thing limiting or delaying your expansion but YOU and what you choose to believe. In order to break FREE from those limitations to create a world we are eager to experience you have no better time than NOW to get extra help from our Cosmic Father.

The Eclipse Doorway will remain open until May 15/16 which gives you another week+ to experience accelerated support as we continue to focus on our mental clearing, healing, and dissolution of old beliefs. It is an opportunity to ask ourselves what we would like to change so the outer can reflect this shift, remember out there is simply mirroring what's going on inside in every moment of every day.

Are you observing chaos and turmoil or are you witnessing and experiencing peace, joy, and calm? OUT THERE is the only barometer we have to show us what's going on withIN us, always. Without THAT, how could we know what we yet need to shift and transform? Thank those people in your life who are triggering the deeply held emotions that are up and ready to release. Go within. LET GO of the pain, the fear, the upset that is READY to go. It's time to FULLY surrender.

On a side note, I just looked down at my phone and it's 222, which means, that if you are reading these words you are in the right place, at the right time, and above all, you ARE on the right path so just keep going, letting go and surrendering to all. The rest will work itself out organically and without effort. Continue to TRUST the process one step at a time.

In LOVE & Light,



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