Lion’s Gate Portal Opens Today

July 23 - August 14, 2022

We are about to walk into this period of time known as the Lion's Gate which can run anywhere from three to four weeks from today onward, peaking of course on August 8th.

This year is very significant as it's exactly halfway through the transitional period (that started on December 21, 2012) from 3D earth to 5D earth (third dimension representing fear, lack, limitation, and victimhood to fifth-dimensional living transcending all lower vibrational states of being into powerful ascended masters living sovereign, abundant, heart-centered lives.)

Many of us have associated our awakening paths with suffering over this past decade since the official kickoff of the ascension process on December 21, 2012 (my actual awakening began on August 8, 2010, and perhaps you are somewhere in between?)

In order to implement the changes and go through the shifts, we've gone through we've had to make huge energy steps in a short amount of time and that has pushed us to our limits. To balance the karma, change our habits, tame the ego, and do the shadow work we've had to go through, change after change and shift after shift that just never seemed to end, or at least that has been my personal experience and many clients I've talked to over the past few years.

This work has been deep, it's been intense and our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies have completed transformed (even if you're not consciously aware of the depths of the transformation you've gone through.)

If you allow yourself to look back a year ago, how have you changed and how are you different today? Can you see just how far you've come? Are you able to see your great transformation? Are you still being triggered like you were a year ago, a month ago, or a week ago? Are you able to find peace within the past few years of being in the storm?


So now that we are moving into yet another powerful energetic time officially kicking off today we've been invited to shift our perspectives around the awakening/ascension process to now ENJOY IT.

We've spent so long in 3D, lifetime after lifetime that the programs are deep, the patterns loop over and over that it became very difficult to be in a higher vibrational state of living from the heart as we just had forgotten how.


Have you noticed that those of us in the Lightworker Community have talked about how difficult the ascension process has been, IN DETAIL! We've created story after story of our suffering to awaken that we've actually created MORE OF IT! It's as though we've talked ourselves into more suffering, struggle, and hard times before we've even allowed ourselves the opportunity to experience its opposite.


This Gateway is massive, it's BIG, and it sees the end of a three-year program that began in the fall of 2019 (more on this later!)

Your outer reality is mirroring/reflecting your inner reality, literally. If you see anger, hatred, greed, and fear in the world then where are you still holding those energies within you? If you see open hearts, kindness, trust, gratitude, and abundance then you are witnessing the inner work that you have done over the years come to fruition, congratulations!

Your Higher Self is pushing you to SEE WHAT YOU HAVE YET TO SEE. What still lies within you needing attention? What stories are you holding onto and are you ready to LET IT ALL GO, for good?

As we move into this most powerful time I invite you to set an intention to fully immerse yourself into the energies of this Lion's Gate by living from the heart, letting go of the old stories of struggle and hardship, and embracing a life of JOY, FREEDOM, and ABUNDANCE. If you believe it, it shall be so.

We are all ONE, a part of a bigger plan, wherever it takes us, we are in it together.

In LOVE & Service, Tamaey


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