Lions Gate of 8/8, FULL MOON Energies, and DNA

Our weekly Community Call was so good I wanted to share the REPLAY link with you.

It was such a compelling and informative gathering! I'm always surprised at the clarity around the topics we discuss and hope you feel the ease in understanding the messages as they flow forth.

We are still in the energy of Monday's FULL MOON as we make our way towards the Lions Gate Portal on August 8th, 2020.

What is the Lions Gate?
The Lions Gate is a time of increased cosmic energy flowing between the physical and spiritual realms. The Lions Gate has ties to ancient Egypt and has been observed and honored as a time of a tremendous energetic influx and activation for thousands of years.

If you happen to be listening to the recording have experienced lifetimes in Egypt are especially drawn to this FULL MOON energy and at a cellular level remembering the significance of this Lions Gate Portal of August 8th and harnessing these powerful energies.

Activations are gifts that we all have access to right NOW as these powerful cosmic energies flood planet Earth. These incoming energies activate those parts of our DNA that have kept us from fully realizing our highest potentials.

So anytime a portal opens, it showers our planet with higher vibrational energies that are awakening our DNA.

What does reawakened DNA look like?

It's anytime you have an AHA, or an 'oh yeah, I remember that now,' because your shut down DNA has received an activation that is the same as codes and keys being unlocked, (the meaning of each is essentially the same.)

Activations can happen without you DOing anything, which is precisely what this NEW MOON and Lions Gate Portal is all about. If you set your intention to receive the full benefits of these incoming energies (that's what I mean by harnessing the powers or why I occasionally talk about these cosmic events,) it's so you can intentionally receive what these beautiful energies are offering, and again what is that?

A gift of reawakening at a deep, core cellular level ALL THAT YOU ARE AND CAME HER TO REALIZE.

On this awakening journey, we are re-activating those parts of ourselves that have been turned off so to speak, or shut down for eons of time and NOW, at warp speed, we are beginning to remember who we are as we are leaving one reality, the 3D illusion into a much higher way of living and being, in the 5D world that is happening at the same time.

There's so much more included in today's recording. We also talked about:

 - Letting GO MORE, Surrendering, TRUSTING
 - Activations, Codes/Keys, what do they mean?
 - Carbon vs. Crystalline based bodies, and so much more!



8/8, Ascension, DNA, Full Moon, Portal, Transformation

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