Letting Go

I wanted to pop in today to delve a bit deeper into a conversation I had yesterday with several clients about allowing lower vibrational beings into our space and thought you might find it helpful as well.

When we allow people to alter our emotions in any way we are unconsciously giving our power away to them. We tolerate behavior from others because at some level within our being (and this is not always easy to see) we ultimately want to be loved, so we settle, we compromise, we condone their behavior, or at times, even defend it.

This is one part of it.

Secondly, we attract where we vibrate, at some level to mirror back to us those parts of us that are yet disconnected from Self, from Source. This is always the gift of the mirror, the powerful gift of what's right in front of us in any given moment.

We re-create these scenarios so that we can see just how far we've come or perhaps how far we've yet to go. Both are exactly where we need to be and neither is right or wrong.

If there's a person in my life that is controlling, domineering, or unreliable and has repeated this behavior over and over, why am I tolerating this? Why do I continue to allow another to 'make me feel bad?' It's not about their flaws as a human, remember it's never about them, it's always about us and WHY we continue to surround ourselves with people who don't value us in the way that we desire and deserve.

For most of us, there will come a time when we will no longer accept this kind of behavior from anyone because we LOVE OURSELVES and have very strong boundaries around who we allow into our sacred space. At some point, we just say NO. I will not allow you to control how I feel ever again, and then we move on. That my friend is SELF EMPOWERMENT.

This takes time because we all want to be loved, accepted, and seen and at times compromise our boundaries in order to feed the false self, the ego, the lower self. At a very deep level for most of us, we are still working through childhood issues of not being seen, loved, or acknowledged. We want that, we crave that and it's OKAY to say we desire it regardless of where we're at on our awakening path.

LETTING GO of people we've known for a minute, a day, or a lifetime is not always easy. It may be scary to think we'll be all alone but I promise you this...

If you have the courage to trust that if you LET GO you will then allow the space for those new friends to show up that DO love you, appreciate you, and HONOR you above all which is nothing more than you LOVING YOU and the world reflecting that back to you.

Can you relate? Was this helpful or did it cause more confusion? Either is perfect and worthy if led, to inquire deeper within to find YOUR truth. In short, that is all that truly, really matters.


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