Judy Garland, The Yellow Brick Road, and There’s No Place Like Home

A few weeks ago while perusing Netflix I came across a Judy Garland Biography. I didn't know much about Judy (other than her world-famous role in The Wizard of Oz) so I wanted to delve into her life for a moment trusting I was guided to her for a reason.

Judy's mother was the quintessential stage mom (an individual who has placed inappropriate pressure on her child to succeed, perhaps for reasons of vicariously living out her dreams through the child) and because of that pressure, she became addicted to drugs and alcohol, was homeless and eventually died of a drug overdose at age 47 (1922–1969), RIP sweet Judy.

Judy's role in The Wizard of Oz and the beautiful story of home being inside each of us always causes me to go within myself to contemplate its deeper meaning.

I'm not sure I really understood that part when I was young but now as an adult, I get it. We must go down many yellow brick roads of life and experience many different Oz's to understand that Oz is not something or someone out there but that Oz is inside each one of us. Yes, Judy was right, there is no place like home.

On my yoga mat, this morning Somewhere Over the Rainbow played softly in the background and I was drawn down the yellow brick road of my life once again however it's meaning a bit different now. I saw myself walking towards the many Oz's that are yet to come although interpreted differently now as those dreams and desires of my heart. I also found myself looking over my shoulder to witness all I've had to leave behind.

LETTING GO of relationships, material things, and especially beliefs that no longer hold true is tough, although we know it's the right thing to do.

I cried big crocodile tears in my downward facing dog as Judy serenaded me into this next layer of releasing that rose to the surface today. The tears flowed and my heart full of love and gratitude for all that once was.

As the tears subsided I saw myself turning toward Oz once again with excitement and anticipation for the path I continue to walk with home (my personal toto) right by my side.

What I'm getting at is that we have to LET GO of ALL that no longer supports our highest path and in that letting go allowing all that is meant to flow in to do exactly that.

Home IS Source, home IS us and when we can walk the yellow brick roads of our life in harmony with all that IS, Oz then becomes us, and we become IT for all is ONE.

I hope these words support you in some small way today.

All my love, Tamaey


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