I woke up this yesterday morning with the intention of doing absolutely nothing. You see it was the first day I’d had no calls scheduled for as long as I can remember, yes a day off.

Strange thing happened though…

Around 5:45 am a huge black crow sat outside my open window cawing nonstop for over 15 minutes. I was slightly annoyed because I wanted to sleep in, be lazy and maybe hit a yoga class around noon.

I couldn’t take it anymore! I  jumped out of bed and miraculously he stopped. When he did I remembered at 6 am my business coach was doing a facebook live where she offers FREE coaching several times a week, so I jumped on.

That crow completely changed my morning and I truly believe it was my higher-self nudging me to get moving and once I did my day fell into place magically.

I jumped on facebook live, I got free coaching around an area I was struggling with and was totally inspired 30 minutes later. So much so that I decided to start my endurance training today and walk/ran for an entire hour which was not an easy feat!

I then decided to hit the yoga class and to then pop back into my office to send out an inspiring message to you which then led to following up with clients, supporting other teammates in areas they were struggling in and so much more.

Needless to say it was an incredibly productive day and to top it off, I went for a deep tissue massage.

I thank that crow for showing me that if I want what I say I want, especially in my business world then I MUST do what’s required of me to make that happen.

I could have relaxed all day and then observed my other entrepreneurial friends putting in 100% reaping massive rewards all the while I was taking a day off.

Don’t get me wrong, resting and self-love IS required to claim your soul’s wealth, but stepping up and into our greatness daily is required too.

Can you relate to this story?

Do you see how easy it was for me to justify my laziness?

The DREAM LIFE requires effort and a lot of it at times, but if you do what’s required of you every dream you can dream WILL materialize.

Yes I PROMISE, everything you’ve ever wanted is just on the other side of your effort.

Take time to rest. Enjoy your breaks, but don’t be like me and make up excuses not to give your passions 100 percent, 80% of the time.

What dream have you yet to realize and what’s stopping you???

Let’s chat, I’d LOVE to know.

CLICK HERE to book a conversation with me today and let’s get you crystal clear on your dream!

With clarity comes confidence and once you have that those lazy days will be few and far between because your passion will pull you forward.

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