Happy Solstice

The Solstice energies arrived and are embracing us with their potent frequencies, can you feel it? Perhaps you're experiencing physical symptoms or maybe even feeling a bit nostalgic and emotional. If so, you're not alone.

The powerful Solstice Gateway is open and change is inevitable.

What are we taking with us into this next evolutionary phase? What do we want to plant in the fresh soil? What does the blank canvas of your life look like? Better yet, what does it FEEL like?

As everything is busy changing, transforming, and finding its place, so are we.

What was there still exists and no longer plays a role in our unique ascension journey (an awakening of your soul into a higher level of consciousness.)

Our awoken consciousness flow is calling us for Clarity, Discernment, and Full Divine Trust while we are passing through this pivotal (very important), and powerful gateway.

This year, a year that brought enormous, rapid growth, and offered us upgrades in consciousness (and extremely challenging initiations) like no time before, is moving each of us up the evolutionary scale at warp speed!

Those of us who jumped on the wave know that we are leaving old ways of BEing and sailing into fresh, new unexplored horizons.

Winter or Summer Solstice, depending on where you are in the world is a meeting point of the old and the new, the dark and the light as by nature, presents the longest or shortest night/day.

A meeting point of choice, a crossroad that will bring profound change.

Let's look within ourselves for a moment with GRATITUDE AND APPRECIATION at how much we have achieved, and grown. Let's CELEBRATE this moment while our next phase of evolution rises.

Do we fully know where we are heading? NO.
Do we fully see who we are becoming? NO.
Do we need to know it now? NO.
Do we have all we need to keep flowing? YES.

We've been massively prepared on many levels for our next Cosmic Consciousness Embodiment, the return of DIVINE REMEMBRANCE.

May you birth a wonderful new vision as we move together, through this most powerful portal, into a new world, a new life.

In LOVE & Friendship,


PS - This post has been modified in part, to reflect my perspectives however, I must give credit to the original author Gaby Golic, a beautiful spiritual teacher from Slovenia. I was guided to work with this group consciousness during this year's summer Solstice which has been extraordinary. Pay attention to those you are guided to follow/co-create with as many soul families, brothers/sisters are coming together at this time to participate in our great awakening.


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