Happy 11/11 Portal Day

As you may or may not know, we've just experienced a FULL Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse on November 8th, 2022.

What does that mean?

It means, that you continue to peel back the layers (all the shadow work we constantly talk about) at an even deeper level than perhaps, you've ever experienced before this moment in time, known or unknown.

Maybe you're delving into the darker spaces within your BEing that once thought had long been looked at and transmuted (the alchemical transformation of energy into a much higher form.) Ultimately embodying more light (meaning, more JOY, happiness, CLARITY, and calm) and, LIBERATION from your shadow self, your old self, your 3D fear-based self FOR GOOD!

If you've been feeling agitated, unsure, emotional, defensive, or simply wanting to be on your own and away from outside influences, you are NOT ALONE.

I know we, spiritual teachers have been talking FOR YEARS about shadow work and the never-ending (or so it seems) inner work that is required before more light (your wisdom and your spiritual gifts) can infiltrate into your four-body systems (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.)

Some may call the shadow work initiations. Can you stay the course and use these powerful cosmic moments to help catapult you into your destiny?

YES, you can. EASY? NO.

An important reminder here is to not hold our pain, our trials, and tribulations on a pedestal or wear them as a badge of honor (as I've done throughout my life! 'OH, poor me, look ALL THE B.S. I've been through, etc.) THAT energy come from a wounded place (we get attention from being sick and or frail either physically or emotionally or at least, that was my attention seeking OLD, wounded self way.)

YES, as more light floods our planet lower vibrational stuff continues to come to the fore however, we NO LONGER need to carry its memory or pay homage to it, LET IT ALL GO.

With this final eclipse of 2022, we are invited to release on another level the old beliefs, illusions, and distortions that keep us connected to the OLD PARADIGM (the old model or way of doing things.)

For example, my sharing of LETTING GO of relationships that no longer supported this higher vibrational version of me and my path's highest good.

EVERYTHING that is (or is not) showing up in your life is simply the evidence of the FREQUENCY YOU ARE EMITTING. There are no victims.

The Universe is providing clues, are you seeing them?

Are you paying attention to the inner nudges and your emotional guidance system that is communicating with you 24/7?

If you are not paying attention or doing the inner work your path is about to get more challenging. YES, taking responsibility for ALL OF IT is your destiny, there's no way around it.

If you are reading these words then YOU ARE ON THE PATH. There is NO spiritual bypassing (using one's spirituality to avoid facing unresolved issues either on a personal, interpersonal or systemic level.)

As we are NOW in the 11/11 PORTAL take some time to go within to look deeper to see if there is any fear, lack, judgment, etc. that remains so that it may ALL be brought out of the dark and into the light, into wholeness.

This life experience is all about aligning back into the fullness of who you already ARE. A powerful, masterful creator living a human experience.

We are all returning to Source, one day at a time, one step at a time so use this powerful cosmic event, this 11/11 portal to help shift and form you into alignment with your soul's highest path and calling.

In LOVE & Light, Tamaey


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