Full Corn Moon, Ascension Symptoms, and Conscious Creation

I don't talk a lot about Cosmic events but now throughout the remaining months of the year, it feels relevant to do so for a lot of reasons.

I love what Lorna Bevan shares...

In rare synchronicity, all 3 Social Planets change direction this month - first Mars, then Jupiter, then Saturn. Mars goes retrograde Sept 10, Jupiter goes direct on Sept 13 and Saturn goes direct Sept 23.

As Jupiter and Saturn turn forward, they begin the first steps to their long-awaited rendezvous on December 21st at 0° Aquarius and the start of the Great Reset and 2021-43 Aquarian frequency.

As these huge gas giants slow and then change direction, plasma influxes literally shake and vibrate the old structures to release collective creations, creating Freedom from old experiences. Magnetic fields shift, break apart. Your DNA holds the record of all you have been and will be across the dimensions and densities and this magnetic unlocking will release what is no longer compatible with your new energy signature.

lorna bevan

I'm bringing this up because this is exactly what we have been talking about for months now, the complete dismantling of an old system making way for the great reset on Dec 21st of this year setting the stage for the next 22yr cycle where you are truly creating your reality in every moment.

COVID is a great gift to humanity at this time. COVID is the catalyst for great upheaval and great change as we are all experiencing.

Anything that is NOT in alignment with your true self. all lack, limitation, programs, beliefs, and patterns from eons of time are being pushed to the surface. and as always, tonight's FULL CORN MOON and the energies of it over the next three days are here to help you to release yet at another level, a deeper level, all that is holding you apart from the powerful creator that you truly are but have forgotten.

What are you personally experiencing right now? Vivid dreams, disrupted sleep patterns, heightens psychic abilities, instant manifestations of your thoughts, perhaps headaches, body pains, crown chakra sensations, and an array of crazy happenings, all unlocking, releasing, and restructuring what is no longer compatible with your new energy signature.

As we continue to release, let go and call forth what's next for each of us, I cannot emphasize enough that you create your reality.

The thoughts you think are considered the male aspects within you or what we call, the conscious mind is then translated to the feminine part of you, the unconscious mind. The Universe is responding to the SUBCONSCIOUS vibrations you are emitting in any given moment. Your life at this very moment is nothing more than all the thoughts and feelings you have projected before this moment.

The conscious mind impresses upon the subconscious, while the subconscious expresses all that is impressed upon it.

It is a beautiful dance of creation and my hope is that you, through this message learn to partner and co-create with it.


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