Follow Your Heart. Follow Your Path. Always.

We don't own our children, our husbands, and wives, our lovers, our friends.

We each are on our own deeply personal and individualistic journeys stopping by planet earth for a moment in time/space to learn, grow, expand and then, move on to the next, and the next, and the next adventure.

We assign roles to those closest to us to help reflect and magnify the aspects within us either connected or sometimes, deeply disconnected to our SELF, our Source.

Ultimately this journey is a journey back to the great I AM, that part of us that has forgotten who It IS.

You answer to you and you alone. 

YOU control your destiny and yours alone.

YOU create your own suffering and your own happiness, and yours alone.

Expecting another to fill your void is control albeit very subtle at times. 'If you behave this way I will feel better about myself. Please change YOU to make ME more comfortable, happier, with me.'

There are a gazillion paths you could take, all right paths, all right choices, and sometimes those choices, you following YOUR path includes leaving others behind for a moment, an hour, a day, or forever.

You not following your path (even if it means leaving our children, lovers, partners behind) is not always an easy choice but I promise you this...

If you dare to follow your heart it will not lead you astray and those who are silently watching you fulfill the dreams and desires of your heart will either love you or scorn you (which is nothing more than them angry at themselves for not following theirs.)

You are so much stronger than you believe yourself to be and you do NOT need the approval or praise from others. Again, all paths are right paths, ALL choices truly are the right choices.

Life is perspective and the more opinions you seek the more wobble you will feel.

TRUST that your heart knows best even when your head can't make sense of it all and allow those you love to do the same.

When you find yourself sharing advice or offering an opinion that is different from those you are in conversation with, LOVE THEM, LISTEN TO THEM and SUPPORT THEM even if it means leaving YOU behind.

Whatever you dream, I dream too for you.

Whatever you desire, I desire that for you as well.

If we never cross paths again, I thank you for the moments that we have shared.

This life is but a moment in time, so small and yet so powerful.

Live your dreams. Follow your heart and NEVER allow the opinions of others to hold you back from fulfilling all that YOU meant to fulfill here even when leaving those you love behind.

By following your heart you silently give them permission to do the same.


Dreams, Growth

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