Conscious Creation and Manifesting Your Reality

What you see in the world lies within you, it IS you.

Do you see fear, chaos, confusion, anger, rage, and upset? If so, that is what still lies within you that has yet to be healed. There is nothing OUT THERE that is no inside of YOU. The world in which you see in the world that you are projecting from inside of you.

If you are still watching the news and reading the newspapers you are amplifying and participating in that energy which in turn becomes your reality. What you focus on you create more of. We are now in a time of instant manifestation and the conscious choice to pay attention to what we are focusing on is crucial.

I highly recommend before getting out of bed each morning to pause for a few moments to ground and center your energy. To perhaps, set your intention to be fully present throughout the day as to what you are putting your attention on. The invitation is to turn off the tv, be present to the birds, and the sounds around you. Guidance comes in the small, quiet voice within that can only be heard in the silence.

Most of us live a life by default, not by conscious focus. We are programmed to wake up, have coffee, go to work, and so forth. We are robots controlled by old programs and patterns however, to create a new reality we MUST live a conscious, awakened, focused life, and to do that we must slow down and be present. Otherwise, you will continue to re-loop and re-loop until perhaps, one day you consciously choose differently.

Remember that the life you are living right now is the evidence of the subconscious vibrations you have emitted before this moment. It cannot be any other way. Your life right now is 100% of your own creation. If you are living a life of lack, that is the program running in the background, or in other words, the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind, the deep mind within you is running the show. Life energies attract like energies, it is Universal Law and can be no other way.

This was a part of the experience you wanted to have in coming to earth. Getting lost in a lower vibrational program, an illusion, the 3D world where lack, limitation, and fear reside to perhaps at some point on your awakening journey REMEMBER that you are NOT that at all but a powerful creator, a limitless being of light who has the ability to create ANY experience of it's choosing. Pulling yourself out of that program was exactly what you wanted to do and what we are all in the process of doing right now.

You knew before coming to planet Earth that you would have the opportunity to grow and expand like never before. You knew that those souls who were courageous enough to come here NOW would be given an opportunity to evolve at levels that had not been possible before.

Many chose to come here but so many more did not and are watching from the sidelines. I see it as a stadium full of people watching the game play itself out, it truly is that, a game, an illusion, a powerful program that we are all given the choice to pull out of or not. Freedom of choice will never be taken away. You choose your reality, always.

The 3D world can appear so very real and our human experiences of struggle and challenge are proof of that HOWEVER, NOW is the time to choose differently. Don't get me wrong, the 3D illusion is a powerful one but deep within each one of us, we KNOW better. We sense a deep knowing that the illusion of the 3D world IS that, not real.

To pull yourself out of that reality you MUST use the skills that you were given before coming here. Your imagination. Your imagination is the conscious mind, IS God. Your conscious mind is one part of the equation. Marrying the conscious mind with the subconscious mind is the only way to transcend the lower dimensional illusion that we were all born into, permanently and that transition is, most times, a step by step process of healing all that we are not. As we clear that space we feel lighter, more confident, more grounded, and more powerful. We begin to see our thoughts manifest into things which then leads to more confidence and bigger manifestations.

The conscious mind IS God, your imagination. The ideas and thoughts that you think create an emotion. That emotion good or bad is received by the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind responds to that command hence, your life experience. What you think and give FEELING to then becomes your reality.

If you are filled with fear, your life is a fear-filled one.

If you believe yourself unworthy, your life will prove you right.

Imagine the feeling of the dream in order to create the circumstances you most desire in your life. FEEL your bank account full of money. FEEL yourself driving your favorite car or living in your dream home. FEEL the excitement of traveling the world going to fun places, eating great food, and having fabulous adventures.

REMEMBER, anything you are dreaming of has already fully manifested itself, truly. If you are able to access the dreams those dreams already exist, literally. Your imagination, your desires, your dreams ARE God wanting to express itself through you. It's simply your job to FEEL those dreams into being.

Your current reality will not change until you change the vibration you are emitting. YOU alone are responsible for that. There is no one creating for you. There is no one responsible for your success or failure in life. There is no one to blame for your creation.

The words, if you can dream it you CAN achieve is truth. The more time you spend in dreamland, in feeling as if that reality is yours, the faster that reality will materialize your experience.

LET GO of what IS and allow yourself to daydream your new life into being. We are ever so supported and the speed in which things flow in you is up to you.

You ARE deserving.
You ARE worthy.
You ARE a powerful creator.
You ARE that which you seek to be.
You ARE the I AM.
You ARE Source.
You ARE Love and all that is not LOVE is not who you really are.

Stay the course.
Dream your dream.
FEEL the dream as if it IS, right NOW, because it truly is.


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