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  • FREE access to a 5D guided meditation to help you feel more grounded, centered, and present to connect daily with Source energy.
  • RECEIVE in-depth training on what 3D/4D and 5D are and how you can maneuver the dimensional waters with ease, grace, and flow.
  • LEARN what 5D abundance truly is and how you can harness these powerful energies flooding our planet right NOW. 
  • LEARN to view money differently so that you align with it rather than repel it.
  • UNDERSTAND at a deeper level the energy of poverty consciousness and how you might be holding yourself back unconsciously from ALL that is inherently yours and always has been.
  • RELEASE unconscious vows of poverty that have followed you for lifetimes, permanently.
  • RECEIVE an ABUNDANCE activation that can be repeated at any time to anchor these higher vibrational keys and codes at a deeper level.
  • REMEMBER how everything you desire already exists, and what you need to do to align with it.
  • LEARN a new way of manifesting in the 5D world that perhaps you've not heard before (trust me, it's POWERFUL!)
  • REAWAKEN those dormant parts of you that are READY to come back online so that you can live a life of magic and miracles daily.
  • GAIN the clarity you need around what you truly desire and learn how to attract those desires into your life RIGHT NOW.
  • ACCESS the white purification flame to clear ALL residues from the past that no longer serve you.
  • LEAVE the workshop feeling inspired, uplifted, and CLEAR on how to manifest your reality in the 5D world.

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