Need to get you UNSTUCK and moving in the right direction FAST? 

If so, an Intuitive Session with Tamaey is just for you. You’ll receive life-transforming guidance directly from the Divine - guidance that is channeled for YOU through her.

Tamaey's deeply intuitive gifts and unique, leading-edge insights have changed the lives of thousands of people around the world.

Her coaching methods have been praised by a global client base who experience life-altering transformation at a soul level allowing them to transcend their fears, gain clarity around their purpose, and then step into that purpose with passion.

Tamaey's clients feel the transformation taking place within them in every session.

Tamaey can tap into your subconscious exposing any blocks that are keeping you from living the life of your dreams. Tamaey assists you in stepping into your soul's mission, to release pain and trauma and awaken to a higher aspect of yourself. This lets you finally live the life you have always imagined for yourself.

After just one session with Tamaey, you’ll feel the shifts begin to transform and up-level you in every area of your life.

Those of us on an awakening journey strive to be the best versions of ourselves. We purchase programs, attend workshops, try different healing modalities, and perhaps, even rub a crystal ball every now and again in hopes of seeing our futures (and oftentimes with little success!) That's why we, on occasion need the expertise and support of another mentor/teacher to help guide the way. My job as an Ascension Guide is to hold space for higher wisdom (YOUR higher wisdom) to flow through me directly to YOU. Our session is a partnership, I AM simply the vessel, the channel sharing with you what YOU have called forth.

Once you book a session with me our work immediately begins. This is NOT a psychic reading. Before our session, in meditation, I connect with your Guides, your Higher Self, and your Ascension Team to gather the information that is relevant to your life and purpose today. I'll start by asking you questions and from there the exchange simply flows. I'll share information and guidance channeled through me directly to YOU and oftentimes offering you far more than you ever expected! What flows forth is NOT my opinion, again, I AM simply the vessel allowing the information to flow forth.

Teachers and Guides show up right on queue when we are ready to step into the next level of expansion on our awakening journey. We don't always understand why a person has crossed our path however, if we have the courage to say YES, to follow the clues, and allow the guidance to lead the way, our path unfolds with ease, grace, and flow. If you are here, it means something. TRUST that. I look forward to channeling guidance meant specifically for you and certain that our time together will be meaningful and relevant to your life today.

Coaching Package Options: 

Whether you want a quick one-time session or you want a multi-session bundle, there is an option for you below. After purchase, I will reach out so we can schedule a time that works perfectly for us both. 

Only $397

Special - Only $297

Only $497

Special - Only $397

three 50-minute sessions

Only $997

six 50-minute sessions

Only $1797