Clues, Crows, Puzzle Pieces, and Magic

Today I was in deep meditation and guided to share this message in hopes of igniting your awakening at a deeper level.

All of the pieces to your personal puzzle are flooding in. The question is, are you paying attention? Are you recognizing the clues that are showing up to support you in understanding the great mission of your life?

Yes, we are here to experience life in HUman form but we're also here to realize our great mission, individually and collectively.

As I stepped out for a short walk this morning a large crow began to caulk just over my head. He was quite a persistent rascal that got my attention. As I continued to walk he swooped down just over my head circling around me several times before once again landing on a branch just above me continuing to express the urgency in his message.

This crow was a clue, a messenger, a shapeshifter. His message was that the animal and nature kingdoms are here NOW helping us purge any and all remnants of the old 3D matrix so that we can fully step into the 5D world cleansed and cleared (which is the only way we have access to this higher vibrational reality anyways!)

The black crow represents magic and how we are all reconnecting with aspects of our multi-dimensional selves, those superhero gifts that are ready to reintegrate into this experience.

We are now accessing wisdom and gifts that we have not had access to in the past. Have you noticed yourself wanting to create more? Maybe it's writing, painting, dancing, meditation, walking in nature or swimming in the waters. It's in these activities that we can access that higher wisdom that offers us ALL the answers to the questions that we have.

There is nothing outside of you that you cannot access inside of you and as we continue this journey of expansion it is ever so important to TRUST and DISCERN all of it.

TRUST YOU. No person, guru, teacher, or mentor knows your path more than you. YES, some people show up to help us gain the clarity we seek but it is our job to again, discern what is our truth and ours alone.

NOTICE WHAT YOU NOTICE. What's getting your attention? A movie, a thought to call someone, a nudge to get out in nature, or perhaps being guided to a book? There is a piece of information, a piece of your puzzle that is trying to makes its way to you. Are you listening?

Nature is the easiest way to reconnect to All that Is. It is in this reconnection that the answers come.

Stay in the NOW. Stay in this moment of today for its purpose is meaningful.

Many times we want to leapfrog into what's next but ONLY when we make peace with what IS are we then ready for the next steps.


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