Discover the Keys to Create Abundance, Freedom, and Flow

6-Week Transformational Journey

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It can be beneficial to do this over a 6 week period.

However, you can go through the sections at whatever pace is best for you.  

Week 1

Why you are here...

  • We'll discuss WHY you are here, what your purpose is, and HOW to be fully present in this NOW moment to fully embody your spiritual gifts.
  • What happens before you come into this human body?
  • What is your Divine Blueprint?
  • Who are your Spiritual Advisors and Advisors?
  • Where does FREE WILL play into your current life and HOW can you harness the energies of Oneness?
  • What was the significance of 2012?
  • Like energy attracts like energy so what does that mean to you?
  • What was the relevance of the movie The Secret?
  • Why do people trigger you and how can you evolve faster by knowing this very important message?
  • Conscious vs subconscious mind, what does it mean, and how does it directly affect your life?
  • What does it mean to awaken your dormant DNA?

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Week 2

Conscious vs. Subconscious Mind...

  • We go deeper into the conscious vs the subconscious mind and how knowing the difference can change your life significantly.
  • How does your childhood affect your adult life if not recognized how will it block the abundance that is there, right NOW, for the taking?
  • What are patterns and programs and how do we reprogram them?
  • I'll share my story of growing up in poverty and HOW I was able to transcend duality and how you can too!
  • I'll share 3 SIMPLE STEPS you'll need to master to reprogram the old patterns that are holding you back from ALL you desire.
  • What does it mean to live a Conscious Life?
  • What is the emotional guidance system and HOW can it guide you daily into making the highest choices for the betterment of your life?
  • What role does joy and happiness play in the fulfillment of your life?

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Week 3


  • What is your relationship with money and how can you mend your old beliefs and stories around it to become friends and perhaps lovers again?
  • Do you hold guilt, shame, or ancestral patterns around money and if so, how can you heal your money story for generations to come?
  • Do vision boards work and if so HOW?

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Week 4

Soul's Mission, Manifesting, Desire...

  • Knowledge vs Wisdom and how knowing the difference can support you in a BIG way.
  • What does manifesting really mean?
  • How do gratitude and appreciation play a role in the manifestation of one's dream life?
  • Does your Soul have a mission? Did you volunteer to come here and if so, WHY? 
  • What is it that you desire and are those desires really what you want?
  • What role does destiny plan and does destiny really exist?

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Week 5


  • Getting clear on your special gifts and talents and how to share those gifts with the world.
  • How do money, flow, and abundance relate to your special gifts and talents?
  • What do alignment and opportunity mean and how can you master both to open the flow of abundance in this NOW moment?
  • How Oprah's Masterclass reinforced and ignited my passion for teaching and serving and HOW I can help you master these gifts too.
  • What IS your Soul's Mission and how can you remember it?
  • How do your past and the clues that reside there play a role in your life and service today?
  • How does dreaming change your reality?
  • How does LETTING GO free space for more to come in?
  • Saying YES to life, to opportunities, and how these invitations are the doorways used to answer your prayers.

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Week 6

Fear, Resistance, Ascension...

  • How lack, limitation, and victim consciousness have controlled humanity and a deeper understanding of it NOT being your fault.
  • What is ascension and what does it mean for you personally as well as our beloved Gaia?
  • How do fear and resistance show itself in your life and HOW can you leave it behind for good?

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90 Minute Bonus Call...

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Step 4

After going through the course do you need clarity around any of the concepts talked about throughout the course?

Are you able to see why you are living the life you are currently living and how understanding what 5D is and how to manifest within it can change your life dramatically?

If not, I'd love to offer you a FREE 15min Clarity Consult to help you get clear on these very topics.

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