As we each traverse our human experience at some point along the way, we question, 'WHO AM I, and WHY am I here?' Many times, this is where our awakening journey commences. We then begin a lifelong trek to uncover layer by layer, remembering the true nature of what and who we are, where we came from, and why we are here.

A very important part of spiritual awakening is ascension, which literally translates to go up. There are many techniques that assist one with their desire to reach higher planes of understanding during their personal journey. Some are called to dig deeper and others are led to those who have already ascended to help activate the awakening process.

When Kundalini energy is activated in one’s lifetime, the ascension process is also triggered (this happened to me on 8-8-2010.) The activation of this energy is often a reaction to a near-death experience or emotional, physical, or mental trauma, (for me it was the cellular memory of all these things.) This is perhaps why we hear of so many individuals with astounding stories leading to their awakening paths beginning.

The Kundalini energy then begins to activate the dormant parts of DNA, once considered by scientists as junk DNA simply because modern science was unable to discover its purpose. This causes a shift within the DNA that begins to change the way you think and feel, hence the awakening journey. Significant and noticeable symptoms can be experienced during this time of DNA activation (some refer to this as the Light Body activation) and can last for months, weeks, and for some, years.

If you've not experienced a Kundalini awakening consider yourself blessed 😉 For me personally, it was terrifying and created layer upon layer of trauma that I am still unraveling (although thanks to a very special guide I've come to understand WHY it happened and how it was necessary to experience in this life and in that way.)

Not everyone needs to have a spiritual awakening in this way so just know that whatever your path is, IS the right path for YOU.

Trust the Divine unfoldment of your life moment to moment and TRUST those intuitive nudges that are guiding you every step of the way. Trust that IF you have a Kundalini awakening in whatever way that happens for you, it's ALL for you and meant to serve your highest good.

Remember that the old you is dying (through the LETTING go of beliefs and programs you picked up along the way) so that anew can arise within you.

If you are experiencing an array of ascension symptoms do your best to not resist (that was my biggest mistake) what's showing up to be recognized, honored, SEEN, and released.

One step at a time, one day at a time. Be easy with yourself as you walk your path. There is NO THING you have to do.

Relax into the process as much as possible and have faith that your High Self has got your back.

In LOVE & Service, Tamaey


Ascension, DNA

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