Are You Following The Clues?

I wish I could tell you how special YOU are.

I wish I could help you SEE the you that I see.

I wish I could help you remember that everything you desire is just on the other side of your fear. Yes, you have it, we all do.

You don't have to know the HOW when it comes to fulfilling your heart's desires (and most times what's coming in for you is FAR better than you ever thought you wanted in the first place!)

Stay in this NOW moment and follow what your heart is calling you to do, be or experience right NOW, today. This moment is an important piece of the puzzle that you cannot leapfrog, that's what most of us want to do.

We spend most of our time in the past or the future and totally miss out on the CLUES that are showing up TODAY that are guiding you to that future.

If you've always wanted to travel. DREAM that reality in right NOW, it's there, I promise you it's there, right NOW.

The ONLY reason you are able to dream what you dream or desire what you desire is that you've literally experienced that future, that part of you that IS experiencing that, right NOW.



Dream your dream into this reality and you do that by feeling it so deeply, so literally, that it can NOT become your experience. Trust me, that is exactly how I've created EVERY SINGLE DREAM I've experienced in my life and there's so much more.

This time, this very, very, very amazing time on our planet is SO incredible. It is giving you, GIFTING you the space to go deep within you to ask once again, 'What do I really, really, really want?'

Today is filled with clues that are igniting the inspiration which then leads to inspired action, are you paying attention?


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