10/10/2020 Energies, New Beginnings, Continued Purification, and the 12/21/2020 Portal

Each week we continue to talk about the massive transformation that is happening right now in the collective which as we know is nothing more than the outward evidence of the inward purging that we are each going through individually. The collective IS us and again, if you see it you got it. What I mean is, if you are judging and condemning 'them' where are you condemning and judging yourself? Where are you still holding resentments and self-hatred?

When we can observe the world in neutrality we then know we have transcended within ourselves what we had once judged. That is enlightenment and our barometer of where we are on our awakening journey.

As we move forward we are beginning to understand the significance of the cosmic and spiritual events that continue to unfold all around us even though at times we may not understanding it fully.

We've just passed through the 1010/2020 portal which is all about new beginnings but honoring where we've been. If you received my email a few days ago I shared that many are feeling nostalgic and melancholy and perhaps looking in the rearview mirror for the last time. If you are experiencing this or perhaps deeper layers of anger, rage, blame or shame coming to the surface just know that it's all happening for you and that these deeper layers of lower vibrational energies cannot be taken into the higher realms that you are moving into.

The cosmic events, new moon, full moons, eclipses, portals, gateways, solar flares, and more are simply amplify, accelerating, and intensifying all that we are purifying within ourselves so do you best to allow this process to happen. I know it's very challenging to allow all of these deep-seeded emotions to flush through us, it's painful BUT just know as you weather the storms that show up moment to moment that the seas will calm and the sun will rise again.

I'm reminded that we here in this human body and human form take life so seriously. WHY? Where did this massive sense of responsibility come from? Perhaps our childhood of needing to control our environments in order to feel safe. That certainly rings true for me and if so for you perhaps we collective allow the childlike wonder to gently come to the fore to play once again.

I believe that we come here with the intention to live and experience our highest potential and the dreams and desires of our hearts. I believe we know at a much higher and deeper level than the life we are currently living is just one path we could have walked down. I believe that we can at any moment choose a new path and that all paths are the right path for us.

I believe that if we re-loop experiences it's because there is deeper learning to be had and again, that at any moment we can make a new choice to walk a new path.

I also believe that we perhaps get stuck in a rut so to speak regurgitating the same dreams and desires just because it's a pattern that we've created along the way.

I believe that you and I have so much more life to experience and in a much bigger and broader way that we are currently living it.

Wherever you are at today and no matter what your current age this purification process that continues to move us forward is playing its part in our story in a profound way and if we can remind ourselves that whatever obstacles and emotions are currently showing themselves that this too shall pass and we will open and expand internally in ways we've yet to know.

We often talk about LETTING GO and at times it may just feel like another phrase that has been repeated so much that we've numbed ourselves to its purest intention.

LETTING GO of every ounce of lower vibrational energy that continues surface on a daily basis. YES, the purification process is ongoing and a crucial part of this next stage of our journeys. Remember, we cannot take into the higher realms anything that is hidden and of a lower nature. All shadow is being forced to the surface with our without our cooperation. It is then up to us to allow the best we can the transmutation, the release, and the integration of these energies.

With the US election coming in just a few short weeks right now the shadow is being seen more than ever. This is a perfect example of the purification process we are each going through individually but mirroring itself in the collective.

Everything OUT THERE is nothing more than an external expressive of the inner shadow and that shadow is going to continue to get louder over the next few months as we move closer to the 12/21/2020 so I wanted to talk a bit about this before opening the lines for our Q&A.

The Solstice is a time where the veil between dimensions is thin. It is also a time where we are more open and connected with the energies of the Earth.

The Solstice is also the start of a new season depending on where in the world you live, and a new season always brings a transition of energy.

In 2020, December 21st, stands out as being a potent day, not just because of the Solstice, but also due to a very rare alignment taking place this year known as the Grand Conjunction.

Furthermore, there is also a Total Solar Eclipse just before this on December 14, which also adds to the energy.

The Solar Eclipse opens a portal to a brand new beginning and the Grand Conjunction a few days later will amplify this portal energy.

The opening of this portal will allow streams of high-frequency energies to reach the planet.

Earth also finishes a transformation on this date that allows a “New Earth” to be birthed. Nothing around us is changing, the planet will still look the same, but there will be new higher frequencies on offer that will help us reach new heights and ways of living.

We'll talk more about that as the time gets closer but until then, do your best to allow the shadow to be seen and honor. It can be challenging to not want to stuff these feelings so do your best to encourage your SELF to stand courageously in the fires of purification. On the other side is a new life and way of awaiting you.


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